Our Display Cases are constructed from extruded and anodized aluminum, manufactured in 4 foot sections, but you can order your own custom Display Cases with any length you need.

When you create any Display Cases configuration, End Caps and Clear Vinyl Windows are included for each shelf. Available accessories include optional Backgrounds, Mirrors, Step Shelves, and a Monza Track.

Showcase Express Aluminum Shelving Features

Shelving Weights:

  • Series 1000: 1.68 lbs. per Shelf
  • Series 2000: 4.63 lbs. per Shelf
  • Series 3000: 6.83 lbs. per Shelf

* All sizes of shelving hold up to 50 lbs per shelf. 

  • End Caps friction fit onto the end of the shelves. They are included with your shelving purchase, but are also available individually.
  • The Clear Vinyl Windows we provide as part of the system slip in easily from the side for maximum dust protection.
  • Our Display Case Products are made of Aluminum, not wood. You won’t have to worry about warping, discoloration, etc. Aluminum is also beneficial for strength and weight, compared to other types of materials used for Display Cases.
  • Our Display Cases fit seamlessly into any size height or width you need.
  • Expand your Display Case anytime you want. We’ve built our Display Cases to be easily expandable.
  • If you decide to move your Display Case to a different location, you can do it with ease!

Assembly - Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Each Shelf can be joined top to bottom or end to end.

Step 2

Snap on End Caps seal the case and are provided with system.

Step 1

Slide in the clear vinyl windows provided, for a dust free display.