Military Wargamer Display Case System (Series 2000 & 3000)

You know how it goes. All those painted miniatures that took hours (and hours) to paint—packed away in boxes, seen only when you deploy them on the wargame table.

But no longer.

With the Wargamer Display-Case System, your armies can now be permanently on parade!

Use our patented display and integrated-lighting system to show off your prized 54mm, 45mm, 28mm, 25mm, 20mm, 15mm & 6mm military miniatures, field weapons, cavalry, and vehicles—before, during, and after a wargame with friends.

Yes, those serried ranks of beautiful toy soldiers will transform your house into a thing of beauty!

Plus, there’s nothing better than a wall full of miniatures to inspire the kids and grandkids to put the screens away and take up a real hobby!

Our unique, expandable system means that your display case can grow with your collection. Add on or custom-cut to any length!

Floor to ceiling, wall to wall. Thanks to the Wargamer Display Case System, your soldiers are illuminated, dust-free – and ready, at a moment’s notice, to march onto the field of battle!

Military Wargamer 2000 Series (7)

Military Wargamer 3000 Series (9)