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Custom Display Case Lighting

$14.50$725.00 Shelf
Add museum quality lighting system that is specifically designed for use with all Showcase Express Display Cases. At only 1/10" tall and 1/2' wide, this lighting system can also be use with any existing display or shelving.
  • Super white LED light bars shine at a 120 degree to provide for even lighting through out your display and have a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours.
  • The provided 12V transformer can power up to a total of 80 feet of our shelf lighting system.
  • Stock length are 12" boards that connect to each other and designed to fit perfectly in all standard length cases. See more information on custom widths in the description below.

Military Wargamer Display Case Lighting

$14.50$725.00 Shelf
Low profile, LED lighting kit for collectible Showcase display cases.

Transformer for Display Case Lighting

12 Volt Transformer
  • Compatible with our Custom Display Case Lighting
  • Power up to 100 ft. of shelving

Connecting Wires for Display Case Lighting

Connecting Wires required for interconnecting multiple shelves so they can all be powered from the transformer. Connecting Wires are provided when you purchase our Custom Display Case Lighting, but you can purchase extras if you need to replace old or damaged wires, or if your display case configuration requires additional wiring.