Our Series 2000 Display Case System (ID:  2.16” deep x 3.20” opening)

The Showcase Express Wall Mounted Display Case System is a clever and attractive method of displaying your prize collectibles of various types and sizes. With our unique expandable system you can add top to bottom or end to end to cover the walls from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

It is easy to install and provides protection from dust and roaming fingers!

  • Clear vinyl windows provide for a dust free display and are easily inserted from the side of each shelf.
  • End Caps snap on the ends to seal the case.

Individual shelf sections measure: OD 3.95" H x 2.42" D x 4 feet long. Add on or cut to any length. (48" Stock length) Use connectors to make ANY length desired. Line your hallway to enjoy your collection every day. (see our photo gallery for inspiration)

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Series 2000 Display Case

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Our Showcase Express Collectible Display Case System is a clever and attractive method of displaying your prize collectibles of various types and scales. Our unique expandable system allows the display to grow with your collection!
  • Shelf height is 3.2″ (Series 2000)
  • Stock widths are available in any length divisible by 4 ft.
  • Each shelf comes with:
    • Black End caps
    • Connectors you'll need for connecting shelf sections beyond 4 ft.
    • A Clear Vinyl Window for each shelf
If you need to create a display case with a custom width, click here.

End Cap for Series 2000 Display Shelves

End Cap for Series 2000 Display Shelves (3.2" High) Available in Gray or Black

Mirror Background – Series 2000 Display Shelves

  • Mirrored Background is 3.2" High
  • 48" Wide
  • Fits all Series 2000 Display Cases (HO Scale, 1:43 Diecast Cars, etc.)
* Mirror is shipped with a protective plastic coating which needs to be remove prior to use.

Series 2000 Display Shelf Backgrounds

Our NEW high resolution display shelf backgrounds are now available in four different themes – Country, Mountain, Desert and Field.
  • These backgrounds all fit our Series 2000 Display Case Shelves (3.2″ Height).
  • Includes two 24″ backgrounds for a continuous 48″scene.
  • Backgrounds conveniently slide into the back wall of each shelf.

Replacement Window for Series 2000 Display Shelves

This is a replacement for the same 3.2" High Clear Vinyl Window that ships with each display shelf. Helps protect items in your display case and prevents dust buildup.

Custom Display Case Lighting

$14.50$725.00 Shelf
Add museum quality lighting system that is specifically designed for use with all Showcase Express Display Cases. At only 1/10" tall and 1/2' wide, this lighting system can also be use with any existing display or shelving.
  • Super white LED light bars shine at a 120 degree to provide for even lighting through out your display and have a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours.
  • The provided 12V transformer can power up to a total of 80 feet of our shelf lighting system.
  • Stock length are 12" boards that connect to each other and designed to fit perfectly in all standard length cases. See more information on custom widths in the description below.

Military Wargamer Display Case Lighting

$14.50$725.00 Shelf
Low profile, LED lighting kit for collectible Showcase display cases.

Display Case Connector for Series 2000 Shelves

Connect multiple lengths of shelving using our Display Case Connectors, specifically designed for our Series 2000 Shelves. These connectors are also compatible with our Display Case Shelving for: