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Lighting Kits

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Lighting Kits
Lighting Kits
Price: From $59.95 to $674.95
Manufacturer: Showcase-Express

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Showcase Express museum quality shelf lighting system that was custom designed for use with all Showcase Express displays. 
At only 1/10" tall and 1/2' wide, this lighting system can also be use with any existing display or shelving.  Please tell us when ordering
if you plan to connect the new set to an existing lighting system that previously had the boards connecting to each other via
a 2" wire, as this new board will not be compatible but we will send you what you need.

Available for all size displays, these super white LED light bars shine at a 120 degree to provide for 
even lighting through out your display and have a life expectancy of up to100,000 hours

The stock length are 12 inch boards that connect to each other and designed to fit perfectly 
in all standard length cases.
If you have a custom length display case, our shelf lighting can still be used - our custom design allows 
for expansion, just like our display system, to any length you desire at 6 inch increments. 
For example, for 6 foot shelf runs and 8 foot kit will be needed, four of the lighting boards would be 
cut in half (the remaining other half of these boards are not usable thereafter)

One 12 volt transformer can power up to a total of 80 feet of our shelf lighting system. 

Our custom engineered wiring system connects each shelf with an 18" stock connector, 
the wiring system can be easily hidden behind the display case - reducing the wiring mess, normally associated with other products.


As of June 2012 the New Lighting boards connect to each without 
the use of the2" connector wire that were previously required. 


Series 3000-4 (4.5") shown above with optional lighting kit and Monza track (Shelf #1 at the top), 
optional step shelf and raceway background (Shelf #2), optional mirror background (Shelf #3), 
optional country background or no background  (Shelf #4)
Total Dimensions are: 21.44" Tall  x 48" Wide x 4.25" Deep
Shown above is 18" Trophy Shelf with one 4 foot lighting kit




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