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End Caps friction fit on to the end of the
aluminum extrusion to seal the case and are provided with system.
Extra end caps are available at a nominal
charge and may be needed when there are custom cuts.
The Clear vinyl windows we provided as part
of the system easily slip in from the side for maximum dust protection.   
Note: Our Vinyl windows are more flexible and
more scratch resistant than Plexiglas (Lucite) material.
Glass windows are very heavy and are prone to chips and breakage.
When your collection grows so can your display case,
add-on more systems as you need!
Our cases fit seamlessly to any size
height or width you choose.
If you decide to move the
display case to a different location,
you can do it with ease!
These displays are Aluminum, not wood.
As we have found, and most of our customers
would agree, that wood has limitations,
discolorations etc.,
These cases are not as heavy so your
walls will remain relatively damage free,
forever protecting your investments!
The Showcase-Express System:

The Showcase Display System is constructed of custom 4 foot extruded and anodized aluminum. Sections can be custom cut to your desired length.

Individual anodized aluminum shelves with dust proof window and end caps are included with each display case order.

Add optional backgrounds, mirrors, step shelf and Monza race track to enhance your collections.

Each Shelf Weighs Only Yet can hold up to 
Series 1000 1.68 lbs 50 lbs per shelf
Series 2000 4.63 lbs 50 lbs per shelf
Series 3000 6.83 lbs 50 lbs per shelf 
The Display Case Assembly is as easy at 1 -2 -3:

1. Each Shelf can be joined Top to Bottom or end to end to. Order connectors separately for end to end connection.

2. Snap on End Caps seal the case and are provided with system.

3. Clear plastic windows provide for a dust free display. Available in 4' lengths. Clear windows are provided as part of the system and easily slip in from the side.

Different Sizes Fit Together

These are the Best Display case System in the USA and beyond.
Whether you’re looking for a trackside display or display casing your sports memorabilia
you will not be disappointed with the Showcase Express Display Case System.