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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions


We've compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Maybe you'll find what you need right here. If not, please feel free to contact us.


Display Case Sizes, Construction and Features:


What is the display case made of?

The Showcase Display System is constructed of custom 4 foot extruded and anodized aluminum.
How our pricing packages works:  Depending on the Scale, we offer 1 shelf rail for sale.  However we have found that most collectors desire more shelves to hold their collections.  Therefore we have adopted the term "pricing package". This is to make the cost of our display cases more affordable to you, the collector. When you purchase a set of 2 or a set of 4, or in the case of the N scale displays, a  set of 5 or 10, what you are actually receiving is, that number of individual shelves!
Each shelf interlocks together as the picture above shows or can be connected end to end for a display wider than 4 feet.
For example: N Scale; 1 shelf sells for $35. If you wanted 5 shelves, instead of paying $175 for 5 indivdual shelfs, we offer a "set of 5" which sells for $115, saving you $60! 
The same with the set of ten, if purchased individually you could pay as much as $350, however we offer the "Set of 10" for only $215, saving you $135!


What if I want my case shorter or longer than 4 feet?

Sections can be custom cut to your desired length and cuts are most commonly used when working with smaller spaces or for longer than 4 foot shelves are desired.


Additional friction fit end caps are sold at a nominal charge and are usually needed when there are custom cuts.


If connecting units by end to end, don’t forget to order the optional connectors.  More information can be found at: http://www.showcase-express.com/features.aspx


 End to end connection shown


What are the windows made of?

Our super clear PETG windows are provided as a part of the system. They easily slip from the side for maximum dust protection. The windows are very flexible and are more scratch resistant than Plexiglas or other Lucite materials.


When mounting a full wall display you will only need a 5” clearance for the windows to slide in and out from the sides. Additionally, they are flexible enough to set in one of the front grooves and ‘popped’ into the other.


What are the dimensions of each case?

            A complete guide can be found here:


What comes with a standard display case purchase?

Individual anodized aluminum shelves with dust proof window and end caps are included with each display case order.

Each Shelf can be joined Top to Bottom or end to end to.
Connectors are sold separately for end to end connection.


Can various sizes fit together?

Yes!  Our series 2000, 3000 and 4000 can be attached from top to bottom as shown.




How Do the Mirror and Senenic Backgrounds install?

Picture shown below is our 3.2" case with a mirror background inserted.

Display Case Installation:


How do they mount?

We recommend mounting the display cases with 1 ¾” flat head screws. There is a drill guide line along the front back wall of the display case. Locate the studs in your wall, measure and drill and ready to go!


How long does the installation take?

Once you have determined where you will be mounting your cases, this installation time can also vary based on the quantity of displays being mounted. A standard display case can be installed in less than 15 minutes. More information can be found here: http://www.showcase-express.com/Installationinstructions.aspx
View/Print our Installation Guides: Note; You must have Acrobat®Reader® installed to view these publications
Installation Instructions
for 1000, 2000, 3000 Products
Installation Instructions
for 4000, 5000, 6000 & 7000 Products
Installation Instructions
for all Lighting Kits


Quick Guide to Our Products:

Our display cases will fit just about any memorabilia and collections you have! Playing cards, miscellaenous figurines, action figures, dolls, model or die cast boats, miniature motorcycles, license plates, demitasse sets, vintage china pieces, crystal minatures, shot glasses, the possibilites are endless.

Determine the measurements of what you would like to display and use the handy guide below to figure what case would be perfect match!

If your collection is 2" or smaller and no more than 1.25" deep select series 1000
Collections could be N and Z Scale Trains and various miniatures
If your collection is 4" or smaller and no more than 2.40" deep select series 2000
Collections could be HO or S Scale Trains or 1/43th, 1/64th Diecast
If your collection is 5" or smaller and no more than 4.25" deep select series 3000
Collections could be
O Gauge or S Gauge Trains, 1/64th, 1/43rd or 1/24th or 1/25th Diecast
If your collection is 7" or smaller and no more than 6.00" deep select series 4000
Collections could be G Gauge Trains or 1/18th Diecast, License Plates, Automobilia
If your collection is 11" or smaller and no more than 6.00" deep than select series 5000
Collections could be
G Gauge Trains, Small Trophies/Memorabilia or 6" Action Figures
If your collection is 15" or smaller and no more than 6.00" deep select series 6000
Collections could be
Standard Action Figures, Collectible Dolls such as Barbies or GI Joe
If your collection is 19" or smaller and no more than 6.00" deep select series 7000
Collections could be Trophies and other Large Item Collectibles

Do you have a Showroom?


We do not have a showroom or a walk in retail store however we welcome anyone wishing to stop to take a look at our displays.  We prefer a call ahead of time so that we may dedicate a sales professional to help you when you arrive.


You may contact us 866-464-5535.


Additionally, you may purchase the displays in person or simply save shipping time and cost by picking your order up! We recommend you call your order in.  We are located in Huntington Beach, California.


Who sells your products?

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