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Why Showcase-Express Wall Mounted Display Cases?

All of our long lasting durable display cases are constructed of extruded anodized aluminum rails with a standard length of 4 feet

 Units are expandable when used with the side by side connectors (sold separately)

 We offer custom cuts if you choose to create rows longer then the standard 4 feet (e.g. create a 6' row)

 All Cases come with Black Plastic Friction Fit End Caps and Super Clear PETG plastic front flexible windows

Our cases are designed to be wall mounted but with some ingenuity they can easily be table topped or parked in recessed areas.

 If necessary, you can move your display to a different location with ease.

Our cases will fit most any collectible you have!
Our display case system is durable. Each shelf weighs fractions of what they can hold inside. 
Our Series 1000, 2000 and 3000 can hold up to 50 pounds per shelf!


Join End to End
Windows Slide in at the End
End Caps Seal Each End
Join end to end
Window slides in from end
End Caps Seal Each End

Combine Sizes Together!

Shown: 18/10 Trophy Display Case (Series 7000)
4.5" Set of One (Series 3000) and 3.2" Set of Two (Series 2000)

O Gauge Display Cases

Shown: 4.5" (series 3000) set of four (Series 3000)

Cover the entire wall as seen in Classic Toy Trains!

Cover the room “Wall to Wall” with your Collection
Display Case System (Series 2000)


As Featured in Auto Week Magazine
Series 3000, Set of 4 with 2 Angeled Tracks, 3 Raceway Backgrounds, 1 Mirror background and 1 Step Shelf
Optional Angled Track, Step Shelf,
Raceway Background and Mirror Background
(Series 3000)

Series 4000 - Complete NASCAR Set of 4

Show off your diecast collection with style
complete packages is all you will need
to display your NASCAR collection 
All complete packages will include angled
race tracks and our raceway backgrounds

Shop with confidence and buy a product made in the USA


Carl TenBrink, Owner

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